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For a few months I wanted to start writing a blog about each exciting happenings that have taken place at camp, yet every time I started to write I seemed to have been faced with the dreaded writers block. Blocking blog writing? Hmmm thought it was only for novel writers.

So I woke this morning and it suddenly dawned on me that its autumn. There’s a chill in the air and the seasons have definitely turned. And I’ve had such great experiences at camp with our guests this past summer. What better time to compose a blog featuring all these exciting happenings in one great capsule.

Bushman’s River Tented Camp is most certainly becoming the Highlight of our little company. We have started from extremely humble beginnings and are taking it step for step (Canvas strip to Canvas strip) Although they love our activities, which are Ten3safaris speciality, we are finding that our guests are in dire need of rest. Sleeping late without interruptions(Mobile phones and email). Long walks, bike rides, book reading, bird watching, fishing and eating, along with a good glass of red wine and plenty of laughter are the focal points of what is making our little camp so sort after. Relaxation is fast becoming food for one’s soul. And one acquires the opportunity to enjoy this with the people you love in a place that is private and beautiful.

I have come to know so many wonderful people over the past 6 months. My guests arrive as a client and really do leave as friends. Each day my life feels richer for the experiences I’ve been able to offer people, and the sheer positivity that they leave me with after opening my world to the fantastic lives they lead. (That is another blog entirely)
So what activities has been happening at Camp over February, March and April in between eating, laughing and staring into warming wisps of fire.

Well with the late rains and unusually low levels we decided that any river activities must be about quality not quantity. So our Nature Paddle became very popular and really is now one of our permanent feature. Guests float down river for about 5km, enjoying the beauty and bird life, with enough fun rapid’s in between to expose ones pearly whites . Our wonderful guests over valentines enjoyed this with a river picnic lunch at the take out spot. It was the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A romantic tent, Amarula, flowers and delicious fire prepared meals, completed a loving weekend.


March I hosted a beginners kayak school and as Murphy would have it, the level rose considerably (which is not great for a beginner paddler) as water can be very intimidating. The speed, colour and size of rapids can scare most peopl and now you expect this person to get into a small, unstable boat, with an almost impossible option of getting out (this is why we learn to Eskimo roll) and tell them to go into all that stuff cause its heaps of fun!! Ok so white water kayaking is not for any person with a fear of water, but something so special I cannot begin to describe. Fortunately the water dropped to a very enjoyable level, and I had 2 full days of teaching on a 1 on 1 basis which was AWESOME. Follow Christiaans weekend events and write up on trip advisor:

Awesome place to get away from the city bustle, and find yourself in Nature. 

April to this point has been great, Easter has just passed over, and fishing was the focus of the weekend for the men. Ladies enjoyed long walks, bike rides, wine and laughter (and lots of chocolate) while the guys just wanted to hook those yellows. And boy did they!

Now those of you who love fly fishing will know that there is quite a science behind it. (it’s a bit like Golf of the river) so much to buy, must always look good doing it, who catches the most and biggest fish and requires a lot of practice- That sort of thing. But really the crux of wading in the water, casting a line and the hypnotic therapy it offers is quite unique. The Bushman’s is a small very wild stretch of river and almost unfished, so although some say fishing can be hard, there are plenty to catch and once you know how, or have figured it out (if you have not been under the guidance of host and fishing guide Danie van Zyl) Nothing will stop those guys taking your flies! Weather and Moon (as the science of fishing would have it) were against the group, yet throughout the long weekend, chilly winds, fronts, and full moons, not a day went by when the fish weren’t biting and the biggest catch of the day was on Monday. A beautiful thick lipped yellow 56cm in length. The Easter Bunny certainly delivered the best Easter fishy hunt, sweeter than chocolate.

So that’s a brief summary of what excitements had been happening at Bushman’s River with Ten3 Safaris, and as we move into Autumn and then Winter I look forward to writing about cosy evenings round the camp fire, walks, sightings and more. I’ll spend many an evening wrapped in a warm blanket, glass of red wine in hand, remembering the beauty of the day.

We have some great winter specials running, sign up to our newsletter, and you’ll soon discover that nature is closer than you think.
So if you are in doubt whether to get in your car and drive a couple of hundred km to us over the chilly months to relax. The question to ask is why would you not?



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